Meet The 3 D's a/k/a DeeDee

From coordinating submissions, creative content, design and layout to  publishing, marketing and mailing DeeDee works their  magic!

As Moms, we all know how busy our days can be. As our Contributors take time out of their hectic schedules to help us share YOUR voice and reach everyday moms

around the globe into your home, we know that YOU too, are taking the time out right now to visit our site. A HUGE THANK YOU!!!

Our Amazing Contributors!

Our contributors are AMAZING. Our Vision started with one single mom and look at how we've grown! Our staff includes daughters, aunts, grandmoms & sisters.  ScreaminMamas would not be possible without them so let's take a moment to mention these great ladies:

  1. Darlene Pistocchi - Founder, Editor, Writer, Designer, Publisher
  2. Denise Marie Weatherby - Stories, Postmaster, Keeper of the Books
  3. Deanna Wolverton - Georgia Division, Whipping Post, Blogger 
  4. Corinne Ramos - Events, South Florida Coconutz
  5. Janine Taranto - Arizona Division, Kiddy Corner
  6. Linda Seccaspina - Feature Stories, Humor, Brilliant Writer
  7. Marcella Kumer - Poetry, Short Stories
  8. Sandra Lemire - Writer, Strategist, Consultant
  9. Susan Clausen - SPECTACULAR illustrator, Design Studio
  10. Amy Neal - A Slice of Life - All Star Blogger
  11. Anita Stafford - Recipes, Writer, Guest Blogger
  12. Carol Liguanti - Guest Blogger - Nature Girl
  13. Carole Christman-Koch - Short Stories, Nostalgia, Supporter
  14. Debbie Murphy - Writer, Humor, All Star Blogger
  15. Lisa Cummings - Writer, Guest Blogger
  16. Patricia Lynne - So Now You're 62 All Star Blogger
  17. Paula Timpson - Divine Poetry -  All Star Blogger
  18. Ruth Lee - Poetry, Short Stories, All Star Blogger
  19. Sheila Velar - Contributor, Design Consultant, Supporter
  20. Diane De Anda - Writer, Contributor, Supporter