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Advice That Lifts Me Up

We all have those moments when we are in a funk, and we need some words of wisdom or inspiration. There are a few pieces of advice I have received through the years that I always fall back on when things are hard. Here are a few I hope will help you.

Don’t waste your energy on negativity.

We have all probably had someone betray us, manipulate us, or do us wrong in some way. It’s natural to feel all the emotions associated with the situation, but what good does it do to continue to dwell on it after the fact? The best way to feel better about negativity is to use positivity to move forward to achieve your dreams. Negativity makes you feel bad, a positive attitude propels you forward.

Believe you are enough.

Have you ever wanted to do something but thought you were not good enough? I have seen friends who wanted to accomplish something, but they were so sure of failure they ended up sabotaging themselves.

Find an escape, an outlet.

Running, writing, reading, and gardening are my escapes. I can lose myself in all of them, let my mind run free, and not worry about any problems I might have been having. An outlet like this will help you release tension and stay calm.

Love unconditionally.

I have a strained relationship with a family member and I’m not sure how to repair it, or even why it’s strained. When I asked a friend for advice she said to just keep letting him know that you love him. When I want to be angry with him for the way he acts I think of my friend’s words, and I know she is right.

Be a good listener.

Everyone wants to be heard and to tell their story, but most people are more interested in telling their story instead of listening to someone else’s. I often watch people interrupt so they can jump in and take over the conversation. What if we

listened and allowed someone to speak?

Know how to discuss respectfully.

My husband and I do not argue about much, but until recently politics was a dangerous topic to bring up in our house. We belong to different parties, but I have always said that if a candidate in his party is the better choice I would vote for that person. He thinks that is scandalous and would only vote for the candidate in his party. When I would try to discuss something with him he would become very angry. I discussed with him that we should be able to have a discussion or a disagreement in a calm way without all the emotions. He has made a great deal of progress. Lol.

Shower kindness

There is so much negativity these days. We are all struggling with our mental health and kindness can go a long way.

Sleep well.

Sleep affects everything. Be intentional about sleeping enough and do what you need to do to eliminate anything that is preventing you from sleeping.

Be grateful.

When you start to list all the good things in your life you will realize how fortunate you are. Put everything into perspective.

Have plants or pets.

Both plants and pets give you something to talk to that won’t talk back. There is something wonderful about caring for something else.

Find one good friend.

This is an area where quality trumps quantity. Having a best friend makes every day a little brighter.

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