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Pink Feathers

An Ode to Baby Language

“Neigh!” you say, pointing to the horse on tv. “Neigh!” you say, gesturing to the Great Dane dwarfing lesser dogs in the park. “Baboo,” you say, observing my bare breasts. “Baboo,” you say, eyeing the bras lining the lingerie section of Target. “Buh buh!” you say, reaching for the fridge. “Mama buh buh!” you say, grasping at the wine glass resting on my knee. “Buh bull,” you say, caressing bathtub foam. “Buh bull,” you say, fingering an orb in a picture book about planets. “Mama!” you say, embracing my still-sleeping body. “Mama!” you say, when I ask, “What’s my name?” eager to hear you utter my favorite word of all.


~ Courtesy Nicolette Hylan-King ~

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