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Pink Feathers

 Angel of Joy

Poetic Thoughts


I woke very early and was thinking about our 8 ½ yr old son. How smart and challenging he is and how curious he is about this world – and the next. I pray much for him trying my best to leave him in Gods hands and trust. I ask for courage and strength to raise him. I couldn’t get back to sleep and so I breathed in the ocean breath and I listened in. This always helps me.


The silence was extreme since our son was at my parents for his overnight. I began to drift and suddenly I felt the need to look over at my computer desk where I leave my bible open to read daily. In my chair sat an Angel. I saw her big wings and a blur of colors pink gold and yellow. I felt awe and hope. Wonder and peace. Awareness. Inspiration . All good. Everything comes when we are patient. I felt love and friendship. A sense of our son’s intelligence, illumination and spirituality. So pure is he and so young. The Angel touched us both. I know our son is protected. He is safe. He has an Angel watching over him. I do too. We all do. She gives us breath and all we need.


The Angel rose to heaven. I watched her wings fly her home. It was so quiet. So beautiful and all I saw was her back and her wings and I went to sleep instantly. I woke to remember my special gift of my Angel encounter. I read in my Angels book that the Angels are here to help us. We are never given more than we can manage. I feel peace and love and settled. I am more than ever aware that I am not alone on this journey with our son.


He has an Angel watching over him and she is helping me let go. The Angel of Joy is forever with us.


By: Paula “Poetess” Timpson


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