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Pink Feathers



God called the light day and there was morning.

Early Monday morning the day back to school after a long Winter break I saw the most beautiful sunrise as I drove our son to school.

It was orange, pink, purple and gold.

It was soft and bright all at once. It took my breath away and our sons too.

It was  a true hug from God.

It came in the middle of deep talk on life with  laughter in the morning and prayers as we always share.

On our way to school we cover many topics and grow ever closer.  God surprises us when we least expect Him to and when we need it the most.

I thought of a dog I read about who helped an older woman feel life was worth living  named  Sunrise. What a great name for a Golden Retriever.

I think God gives us just what we need daily to make us feel life is worth it.

Yes. Inspirations from nature plus a million other things that fill our hearts.

Gifts from Him.

An early morning unforgettable sunrise made our Monday morning special. Our son notices things that not many do too.

He has always seen the moon first and surprised us in his own natural ways.

God thank you for morning. It is peace, it is love . . .

Help us to notice all of your wonders and miracles daily

❤ ❤ ❤


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