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So Now I’m 65

So now I’m 65.  It has been quite a journey from 62.

The biggest change has been changing to independent senior living.   Yes, it’s a beautiful apartment but I am so unsettled.  Also having had surgery last week was unsettling.

I know we all go through these changes but they are still difficult. The place I live goes from independent to assisted to memory care. If I focus on that I’d go crazy. I’m trying to be thankful for a beautiful place to live. Thankful for my beautiful family. Above all thankful for my faith. But still there are tears. Getting here to 65 came so fast like the hands on a clock ran around the clock.

I know the journey isn’t over. I’m still putting one foot in front of the other – if you hit a glitch – as I did be open to help and support.  Most of us have given same to others all of our lives.


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