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The Future of Driving


My friend and I were going to pick up a friend who had a full knee replacement.

My friend says, “Should I use the G. P. S.?

Considering she lives a mile away from us, yes, I think you’d better.

We both laughed.

“I guess we don’t live in Somalia, do we?” “Not the last time I checked.”

I guess that “senior” stuff struck again.

We did use the G.P.S.   Of course, we didn’t follow the directions.

My friend liked talking to it and rebelling saying, “No, I’m not turning there!”

It would say, “recalculating” in a monotone voice.  And the senior cycle continued.

I guess I shouldn’t talk.  I often talk back to Siri on my IPhone.   Yes, she can be helpful, but sometimes she can be pretty dense!  She doesn’t always hear very well either.

Pretty soon cars will navigate themselves and there won’t be GPS to argue with.

What is this world coming to???




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