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Meet The Mamas


Darlene Pistocchi

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From Hollywood, FL, Darlene is currently a full-time teacher but believes there is no greater job in the world than being a Mom & there is no greater task than to provide a platform to promote & publish their work. She thanks her children, James & Raquel for providing the inspiration for ScreaminMamas.


Deanna Wolverton

  • Blogger

Partner in all things Screamin

From Cumming, GA, Deanna brings us all the turmoil, humor and joy of motherhood. Raising five of her own, she's always got plenty to tell. She is also the office whipping post and assists with all things administrative & managerial .


Denise Weatherby

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From Hollywood, FL, Denise is a genuine trooper. Sister of the Editor, Darlene, Denise is the 2nd part of the 3 D’s (Denise, Darlene & Deanna) that take up all the slack when things go awry, magazines get lost in the mail, or the editor just needs to yell and scream.

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Carole Christman Koch

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Nostalgia & Humor

From Allentwon, PA, Carol believes in "thinking positive, no matter what." She enjoys life, even in her elder years, and keeps herself busy with writing. She started a newsletter to her grandchildren as some moved and decided to tell them her life. She says, "All children should know their grandma's life." :)


Diane de Anda

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Real Life Issues & Nostalgia

From Playa del Rey, CA, Diane is a professor emerita of social welfare at UCLA, a community voice on violence prevention & stress management among adolescents & author of 17 children's books, including award-winning titles, 21 Cousins, Mango Moon and The Day Abuelo Got Lost.


Eva Tortora

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Poet & Artist

From New York City, Eva's work has been showcased in National Lighthouse Museum in Staten Island; she also held an art show for 5 months in a deluxe Dunkin Donuts coffee shop and has been published in New York's Daily News 9 times for Letters to the Editor.

Gloria Jean Hansen_edited.jpg

Gloria Jean Hansen

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Humor & Nostalgia

Born & rasied in the small Scandinavian farming community of Kipling in Northern Ontario, Canada, Gloria is mother of four, grandmother to eight plus, retired nurse, and bluegrass musician. Gloria has penned long-running newspaper columns, several magazine articles and has five published books.


Janet Sobczyk

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Poetry & Short Stories

Now living in Nebraska, Janet is married with 5 children. Her youngest has Down syndrome which Janet says teaches her family so much. She is a teacher with a degree in K-12 Special Ed; she is a poet/writer and member of Wordsowers Chrstian Writers, NE Writers Guild & NE Poetry Society. 

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Jennifer Bonn

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Health & Well-Being, Positivity

From Georgia, Jennifer is recently retired from teaching after 40 years and now has more time to focus on her family, running & writing. You can find her on Wordpress & Medium. & her books are everywhere online. She lives with her husband, her youngest daughter and their border collie, Bandit.


Jen Waldron

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Humor & Recipes

Born & raised in New England, Jen now lives on the coast of Maine, where she is a registered nurse. When not working, she spends time writing & baking. She also loves to write about personal memories and the humor in life. She has three wonderful sons, and secretly wishes a "sea glass hunter" were an actual occupation. 


Kelly Sullivan

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Short Stories

From Cincinnati, OH, Kelly has been a life long writer & photographer. Her  work has been featured in numerous magazines & publications. As a military wife, she has lived in 3 different states and one country. Her dream is to see all fifty states and her motto is "Making people smile one photo at a time."


Marcella Kumer

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Poetry & Short Stories

From Tuscon, AZ, Marcella has a degree in Social Work/Drug disorders and studies Creative Writing. She has two birth children and a foster son, and 3 beautiful granddaughters. She lives with her husband and 3 dogs and says, "I love writing for Screamin Mamas. It has opened many doors for me."  


Patricia Lynne

  • Blogger

The Golden Girl

From Wisconsin, Patricia found a love for poetry after retiring from court reporting. Now she shares her many tales about living life in her sixties, her  three precious children and her two adorable pets, Butterscotch & Annie. 


Paula Timpson

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Divine Poetry

From Venice, FL, Paula  is  an accomplished writer, teacher, swim instructor and speaker – with an MA in special ed. What we especially love about Paula’s work is the presence of the divine. She hosts 2 blogs, Paula's Poems and Paula's Poetry Place. 

Ruth Lee_edited.jpg

Ruth Lee

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The Whimsical Writer/Mom/Library Lady

From the small town of Hudson, MI, Ruth is a quiet, unassuming 50+ year old librarian in the short rest periods between being the crazed mother of a 27 year old, a 23 year old and a teen (the bonus prize). She  pens a poem everyday on FB - A Poem A Day..  

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