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Darlene Pistocchi
As our network continues to grow, we are so pleased to feature different moms/writers - each deserving of special recognition for their many contributions to ScreaminMamas. We hope you enjoy meeting them here and reading about their adventures in motherhood, living, writing and more. Let's meet Jackie. . .
Jackie Diamond - Author Extraordinaire! continued from HOME page . . .
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"I’ve been a writer since I was four years old—no joke! My first story was only one sentence long (“There was a lame boy and he had fun”). But I’d set my tiny feet on a course that has lasted more than seventy years.


My two-year-old grandson loves books, and I’m hoping my newborn granddaughter will too. My younger son is a technical writer (no fiction, though), so this interest does run in the family.


During these years, I’ve written and sold more than 100 books. These include medical romances, medical mysteries (I’m fascinated by medical topics, as you can see), romantic comedies, fantasy, romantic suspense, and more.


My most recent novel, The Secrets She Learns, is a romance with a mystery and a rescue beagle that helps solve it. It’s part of my Sisters, Lovers & Second Chances series—each book stands alone, although there are continuing characters—featuring couples over age 50. These are clean, with lots of action and lively dialogue. The medical angles? My heroine is a nurse, and there are some surprising results from a DNA test.


Here’s a quick summary: Shocking secrets, unexpected love, a cold-case mystery—and a nosy beagle! At age 50, nurse Anni discovers she has two half sisters, both of whom were hurt by a con man who has disappeared. Determined to unravel the past, she hires a handsome P.I., and gets more than she bargained for. That includes his newly adopted dog, who isn’t shy about fostering a romance or digging up evidence."

Jackie has over 100 entertaining books to choose from! Here are just a few. For the full sequence, please visit her Amazon page HERE.
Some of the beautiful faces behind our Fall Edition.
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