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“A-Ha” Moment

So Now You’re 62

I find it interesting how much I enjoy now at 62 the same endeavors of my childhood…
  1. I spent summer days at the beach a block from my home. Today I am enjoying a beautiful pool.

  2. I read every Nancy Drew mystery book. Patterson is one of my favorite authors today.

  3. I made little apartments for Ken and Barbie on the front lawn. I enjoy decorating mine.

  4. My skates had a key and went on over my shoes. I later became a state champion.


Pat Skating
  1. A blue bike meant freedom to explore my town. For five years I mountain biked as an adult. I guess my “A-Ha” moment is learning that what we loved doing as a child comes back to us in retirement – except for the mountain biking. Now it’s a stationary recline bike!


By: Patricia “Golden Girl” Lynne

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