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A is for Apple… B is for Bake

Sugar, Spice and Spilled Milk


A bowl of red or green apples on a kitchen counter is a still life waiting for an artist. Because the shape and color of apples are both so appealing to the eye, it’s not uncommon for a decorator to use a container of apples as a focal point in a room. Nothing else looks quite as beautiful, that is, until something is baked with those same apples. After baking, the beauty of the apple is enhanced by enticing aromas from the oven – perfect scenario for a Mother’s Day weekend. ❤


You can bet someone will follow their nose to the kitchen when you bake with apples. Desserts and breads are two popular ways apples delight the taste buds. Apple pies, cakes, and dumplings are traditional favorites among desserts. This recipe for Fresh Apple Cake dates back more than 50 years and makes a moist, delectable cake. On an occasion when a special gift is needed for friends or neighbors, this apple cake is a perfect solution.

Fresh Apple Cake-002


Apple pie is an old favorite that most of us once enjoyed at our grandmother’s table. The scent of an apple pie baking might bring back distant memories of a time when families gathered around the table to eat.

Apple dumplings can be a time-consuming delight to make, but this recipe couldn’t be easier. There must be a hundred uses for packaged crescent roll dough, and it makes these apple dumplings a breeze to put together. Better stock up on ice cream before you bake these enticing treats because someone will probably request theirs à la mode.

Even a sleepyhead will be enticed to start the day with a bounce if apple muffins are on the breakfast menu. This Apple Muffin recipe makes a large batch of 24 muffins. Unless you’re feeding a brunch crowd or have plenty of freezer room to put some away for another day, you might want to half this recipe. Enjoy these apple recipes and expect visitors to the kitchen when others detect the scent of apples baking in your oven.

Apple pie-002



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