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Aging and Mental Health

Today, I am writing about Seniors’ mental health.  I know “mental health” is seen as a dirty word – even today, which is quite remarkable.

I feel not enough is said about this topic of aging and mental health.  I am not a professional in this area, only a senior who has lived on this planet earth for sixty-seven years.  That is a miracle in itself, but that’s another blog.

Depression often creeps in where it can find an opening in the Mirror of our life.  Getting out of bed seems too hard to face, Whether from emotional issues or physical issues or both.

Can we deny we are aging?  Sure, but to what end?  Our bodies will eventually give out and we will pass on.

We also grieve a lot as seniors over the loss of mobility, beauty, health, loved ones who have passed.  With grief comes anger.  I have felt angry over aging and the person I see in the mirror now.

How did I get here? One day at a time. Do I really look like this? Damn it, yes. Will I be here tomorrow? It seems up to God if you are a believer fate or the universe if you are not.

Seniors experience guilt for everything they did or did not do in their life.  One answer for that is looking forward not backward, enjoying what one can do today and the people we want in our lives.

I want to end on a happy thought, though.  I have lived to be a senior, many do not.  I have enjoyed many things over the years as well as suffered human losses.  I would do it again to see my childrens’ faces, my pet’s loving eyes, and memories of joyous events and times.

Yes, you can get out of bed.  Yes, you can get on with life.  Is it easy as we age?  Not really.  Was anything worth anything in our lives easy?

Food for thought.  Look forward and keep on smiling.



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