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Ancient Creatures


My youngest has a renewed interest in ancient creatures of the land and sea.  We went fossil hunting on an unseasonably warm day in February.  His excitement was contagious.  Our journey out to the beach was a hike through what we imagined to be a prehistoric forest, all swamp and moss and half submerged street stumps.   It was very quiet and we watched the reflections of geese and seagulls who rested in the marshes.

Out on the beach, the wind howled.  The sky was deep blue and the waters of the Chesapeake were tinged with green.  We sifted through tide pools and dug in the sand.  We sought different treasure.  He wanted something from a sea creature and was rewarded with a shark’s tooth.  I became enchanted with sea shells turned to stone.  To hold a piece of something that lived 30 million years ago was an indescribable honor.  We left deeply enriched in history and adventure.


Look at the size of this shell compared to the arm that’s holding it!


Kate Abbott is a mother, runner, yoga instructor and recovering attorney

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Aug 10, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Wow. That is pretty awesome. Glad you got to hold on to something with that much history.

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