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Art & Wine


So this is my attempt at art!  An art and wine bar in town has a deal where they supply everything and instructions to paint a picture. There were about twenty to choose from.  Along with a glass is Sangria it cost 19. Very fun and very relaxing!


Just another idea for the fellow retirees out there!


This a great idea for all ages! Here are a few links in different parts of the States, (two of these studios run or co-run by our own Mamas!) but if you google “art and wine studios”, we’re sure you will find a creative spot in your neck of the woods!

  1. In Wauwatosa Wisconsin: Arte Bar & Painting Lounge

  2. In Massapequa, New York  (Patty Page Carroll) : Creation Art Center

  3. Creation Art Center Facebook Page

  4. In Hollywood, Florida (Loni Duek): Soulistic Studio by Loni Duek Facebook Page

  5. Soulistic Website – Yoga, Healing, Art

  6. In Palm Springs, California: Pinot’s Pallett, Paint & Sip Studio


Have Some Fun!!


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