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Creepy Popcorn Hands

 Sugar, Spice and Spilled Milk


This treat is a popular one with school kids at the Fall Festival. Last year I made a big basketful of these Creepy Popcorn Hands and they were sold in the “Country Store” at the Fall Festival. These are also a cute and quick project to put together for parties, bake sales, or class treats. With only a few ingredients and a little time, you can easily make Creepy Popcorn Hands, too.

Creepy Popcorn Hands 

1. Assemble supplies you will need – plastic food service gloves, popcorn, candy corn, ribbon, and spider rings. 2. Pop the popcorn, either microwave popcorn or the old fashioned way, it’s up to you. 3. Insert one candy corn at the end of each finger to represent fingernails, then begin to stuff the plastic glove with popcorn. 4. After the glove is full of popcorn, tie some colorful ribbon at the top to close it. 5. Last, put a plastic spider ring on one of the fingers and you are done.

What fun!!!!


Be sure to get this flat style of food service gloves –

NOT latex gloves –

to make your Creepy Popcorn Hands.

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