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Pink Feathers

Happy Ending!


Yesterday Bobby and I went out to find the local Albino Red-tailed Hawk, which we did! We had incredible close views of this gorgeous bird.  We didn’t even


We then drove to a little parking area to let Monty out, so he could run around for a little while.  We got out of the car, Bobby let Monty out of his seat belt, and then we proceeded up a tiny incline – Bobby helping me as I didn’t have proper foot wear on for the snow and ice.


We glanced over the field and Monty was NO WHERE in sight!


I got a very bad feeling right away. This was not like Monty at all! We called and called.  Bobby found his trail and started after him.  I posted on FB, called the Humane Society, police, all with in 45 minutes. I kept driving around the area. Lots of our wonderful friends came out to help.

Bobby stayed on his trail the entire


Bobby was able to follow his trail even across roads because Monty’s foot was bleeding. Eventually Monty ran through a new home construction site and was seen by the workers only a half hour before.  Who could possibly miss  a 90 pound male doberman wearing a red fleece jacket???

Bobby and our friend Marty got on the trail from the construction site which headed up on top of a ridge and they followed him for hours.  He never wavered in his journey for many miles.

At one point as it started getting dark, Monty ran back


I have the best husband in the entire world.  How did I end up with such an amazing human being to walk though life with?

Grateful for my hubby and all our friends.  I’ve never felt more loved in my entire life.


By: Carol ‘Nature Girl’ Linguanti – Photo of Hawk by Kevin Kriescher

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