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Pink Feathers

I Gaze Out

Poetic Thoughts


I gaze out my childhood window…

To the backyard on the side of

The house.

Everything is rich and green…

All our pets are buried there…

The rabbit, hamsters and dog.


I see a tree swing my dad hung…

I remember swinging free and feeling

The fresh air smells of summer and fall…

Playing with my brother and God.


Time to go in for dinner

Not a care in the world.

Now as a mother I understand…

All the meals, worries and hopes a day can bring…

And i want to swing.

I dream of gazing out my childhood window

Anytime i wish i can…

I go through the window

With our son.


By: Paula ‘Poetess’ Timpson


#MothersampSons #PoeticThoughts #Poetry #Swings

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