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Depression is more than having “the blues”. The Webster definition is severe despondency. In realistic terms, it is like jumping into a black hole with maybe a glimpse of light to help you out if you reach for it.


Family and friends can be supportive or not, depending on how they view depression. If they feel you should just get over it, they are wrong, and can do more damage than good. If they point you towards that small hint of light, they can be helpful.I feel only people who have been clinically depressed know the deep emotional sadness that accompanies this mental health diagnosis.


Crying out of the blue can be very embarrassing and being frozen in your tracks very disabling. As there are many reasons for this illness, including a chemical disorder, it is important to seek treatment.There are medications that can help, but it’s not an overnight magic pill. It takes trial and error to find the right medication and then the correct dose. Finding a good therapist that you “click” with and feel comfortable with is necessary in some cases to your recovery.


Some forms of depression can be episodic or triggered by trauma or loss. If you are lucky, short term therapy may be all you need. Otherwise, you may need treatment for what seems to be forever. Some individuals, unfortunately, commit suicide during a depressive episode. Whether they are truly aware of what they are doing at the time remains elusive.


Depression is not something to be laughed at,


If you do simply have a case of the blues, it won’t last long. Call a friend, do something you love to do, and you should feel better soon. 🙂


By Patricia ‘Golden Girl’ Lynne


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