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Looking Up


I was riding home from writer’s club with a friend.  She started talking about the fact she had gone to two funerals in the past week.  They were close friends and it was tough.  She is also planning her own funeral ahead of time.  I reminded her that this isn’t the end.  That we both have faith and believe in the hereafter.  She smiled gently.


There is a cycle to life that we have no control over, but there is One who did and He sits next to his father on the throne.


All us Seniors face mortality even more so as we plan for our funerals so our kids don’t have to. And our friends and family begin to pass on.

The blessing is we are still here!   Enjoying our loved ones and friends who are still here and giving of our time to those in need.

We also have acquired wisdom to share with the next generation.

There will always be hills and valleys to go through whether young or old.  Walk on and through looking up!

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