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My Garden Has a Personality

If you don’t think plants are living, breathing things, you haven’t been observing them. Once you spend any time in a garden and watch what your plants do, it’s hard not to be amazed. Today, when I walked into my garden and looked around the thought hit me that my garden has a personality. It’s a little quirky, a bit scattered and a mess, and quiet and wild all at once.

My garden is not orderly with each plant occupying one spot that is clearly labeled. There are carrots growing in the lettuce, lettuce growing next to the bed that houses most of the lettuce, and a wild strawberry patch next to the bed of strawberries. If my garden was a person she would have ADD and she would be thriving in the middle of chaos. She also mixes well with others except for the cucumbers which can be slightly territorial.

My garden personality is tenacious. She can bounce back from a few cold days or excessive heat. She knows that every day won’t be perfect, and she knows how to adjust to life’s ebb and flow.

The garden is curious and knows how to reach out for help. My small strawberry patch sent out runners last year looking for more space to grow. This year my strawberry plants have quadrupled, and I didn’t have to buy anything new. I eventually decided to plant an entire new bed of strawberries because I love them so much. Can you imagine how many I will have next year?

My garden loves music even when it comes from me. I can be heard singing to my plants whenever I am out there. My neighbor said she thinks it cute, but I think she was being kind. The plants are also great listeners because I talk to them and give them a daily weather report so they can prepare.

The garden enjoys encouragement like most of us do. I am often out there cheering on a plant that looks a little droopy, and I have to tell you I have seen some crazy recoveries and comebacks.

The garden can be mysterious, hiding its wonders while it works during the night to unveil its beauty in the morning.

I hope you experience the wonder of a garden, and that you also see a personality in yours.

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4월 06일
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I am determined to grow a green garden! LOL... I think you're on to something with the personality. Going to really consider that next time around. :)

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