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Pink Feathers

River Otters


Over this past weekend my  birding friend found a family of 4 River Otters.  This afternoon I headed out to the location and was able to watch them for an hour.  They played on logs, rocks, the shore and we also watched them catch and eat multiple fish.  What an amazing experience to see otters in the wild again.  They are such incredible creatures so full of joy and energy.  They wrestle with each other constantly.  I didn’t want to leave and will be heading back to see them every chance I get.


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I’ve now been up to see these guys four times in a week.  Each day I’ve spent a blissful hour watching them.  What a gift. Nature fills my soul like nothing else.  I am so blessed to live where I do.


By: Carol “Nature Girl” Linguanti – All photos are by Kevin Kreischer Photography


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