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Pink Feathers

Time Was

Time was I had you close by, day and night, awake and asleep.

Now you come for a few days, a week, and it’s so easy to accept

your return, like a familiar blanket to curl up under, so hard to accept

the return of your absence after what is a mere moment in my heart. I remember time was

I thought you’d be mine forever in some way, distance be damned, then proceeded

to teach you how to be your own. Mother’s job done. I miss the blanket.

~Sara Sarna

time was

Sara is a long time contributor who continues to provide encouragement and support while we continue to rebuild. We’re so happy to have her as part of our network and love sharing her beautiful work. Here’s a little about Sara . . .


“I grew up in a military family and only in adult life understood the pleasure of putting down roots, which I did in southeastern Wisconsin. I work in healthcare but will always prefer the work of mother, actor and poet. My work has appeared previously in Screamin Mamas as well as The Avocet, Bards Against Hunger 5th Anniversary Anthology and the subsequent Wisconsin edition, and others.”


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