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Pink Feathers

Wedding Gown

We saw it in the window of a thrift store.

At the same time our old fashioned ways lit up.

Our eyes sparkled and we laughed. Carefree

We were engaged and ready to be married soon

The white fluffy wedding gown

led us both to go in to the thrift store to ask about it

One hundred dollars in 1998 was just right

I tried it on

Perfect fit

Meant to be

So lovely with lace and many buttons down the back

I'd wear ballet slippers so I could dance as much as I wanted to

We bought it and felt happy and carefree

Keeping simple was our style

Sunflowers adorned the church altar

created by my mom and dad

Dad was sixty, Mom sixty four

After years went by, we donated my gown knowing some other lady was feeling joyful in the special magical wedding gown, too.

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