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Pink Feathers


Poetic Thoughts

. . . For the Love of Cats . . .Our eight year old son loves Wink, our adopted one eyed white cat. We adopted him at 6 months old. Jimmy has always adored Wink. It is beautiful the way Wink has grown to accept Jimmy’s wild passion and loud voice and his million hugs. Jimmy has become more gentle and patient with Wink as his teacher and leader. Wink even goes to him now and purrs because he trusts Jimmy’s true love. ‘Look! Wink’s doing yoga!’ Jimmy loves to watch his cat stretch in unusual ways.

He loves when his cat makes dough gently kneading his paws on the bed when he is very happy. When Wink sleeps on Jimmy’s bed Jimmy is thrilled. ‘He’s leaving you his peace. ‘ I tell him and I believe he is. Wink’s going on eleven. He is growing older but is still spunky when he wants to be. Jimmy’s first and favorite cat will live forever in all our hearts.He is a true healer helping me love cats again after my childhood cat terrorized me by attacking me and making me dislike cats. Now I love all cats again.Thanks be to God. Jimmy has grown up into the arms of pure love.


By: Paula “Poetess” Timpson

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