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Pink Feathers

A Lonely Walk

In the fall, we walked hand-in-hand to your first day of school,

You talked about the people in your class and I reminded you where to go at the bell,

We did this for a few weeks, until soccer began, and our after school plans changed.

So came the day where I checked your bag for snacks and shin guards while you were changing in the bathroom;

I had to walk home by myself hoping that you would remember my phone number if you needed to call me for an emergency;

But more than those concerned echoes, I felt alone.

We were so busy while leaves fell from trees that I had barely blinked before you were walking back home with me,

Talking about the chess season to come and the party for your bowling league,

Soon we would properly spend time as a family, together again.

In hindsight, maybe those walks home alone three times a week were blessings in disguise,

As often as we were running around, I probably needed just so that I didn’t lose lose my mind.

When snow blanketed the ground and our busy schedule was dusted clean,

There was time for you, dad, and me, and we had so much fun,

Video games! board games! imaginative games! all paired with movies and snacks,

I understood that I never liked walking home alone now that I had our time back.

Spring is coming so very fast and I know with it comes another hectic calendar decorated now with track meets instead of games;

My brain will be buzzing like the bees,

Busy and bustling through every activity without missing something along the way.

But I certainly won’t forget that three times a week – you won’t be walking home with me.

You’re bigger and smarter and you’re changing every single day;

You’re stronger and wiser and you’re changing every single day;

You’re precious and you’re loving and you’re changing every single day;

You’re active and you’re changing and you’re closer to leaving every single day.

I know that you must and I am glad that you are, but

Let it be known: every walk home alone feels like the first time,

Especially at the start.

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