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Pink Feathers

Celebrating 4th of July

Memories floating through spacious time,

January til June and then July

a month of independence and celebration

Bonfires and Hotdogs

a child’s sensation.

A bouquet of Marshmallow fills the air

burnt on the outside, black and gooey,

excitement as the softness passes the lips,

Sadness as one falls into the fire

squeals for the taste of just one more.

Crackle and pop the flames a blaze,

orange and red, the nights eyes gaze

at fireworks exploding

across the sky,

Cheers as colors multiply.

Children’s hearts pump with joy,

as rainbow starbursts fill the skies.

Small and large – boom, boom, shabang –

red, yellow, green, blue

such a vivid exchange!

Circles fill with flourescent designs,

patterns, none the same, endless in time.

A joyous time of celebration,

a tradition of honoring the fight

for our nation.


Featured in our July issue, 2103, by Marcella Kumer

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