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Baseball with Cody

A great experience for a boy who loves baseball when I signed us up for a behind the scenes tour of the Reds Stadium. We toured the locker room and were even allowed to play ball on the field. Cody was only four. One of my son’s dreams from that day on was to get a baseball from his hometown team.

We went to several games, but he never got a ball. Then, at age 17, he got his first ball, thrown up to him by the opposing team. Still he was thrilled. He held that ball in his hand for a photo I got to take. It took us about twelve years plus to get his ball but he will always remember the fun time he had and he will always remember he got the ball he had always wanted.


Courtesy – Kelly Sullivan – longtime contributor and established photographer, visit her site here. You can also follow her @readingbooker.


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