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Christmas Ornament Craft

Most everyone is delighted to be presented with a handmade Christmas ornament, but finding time to craft can be problem for many people. I’ve been doing some ornament crafting lately, and this project is one that can be completed quickly and requires little skill. I made these ornaments for a special family member who loves to play Scrabble, but I don’t think you have to be a Scrabble fan to hang these on your tree. With some help, the kids could put together their own ornaments too.


Items needed to make these ornaments:

  1. Scrabble letter tiles

  1. Red and green ribbon

  2. Small bells

  3. Gold wire

  4. Beads

  5. Felt

  6. Craft glue

  7. Scissors

  8. Wire cutters


To make the ornaments, first assemble the letter tiles for the word you want to spell. Then cut a piece of felt the length and width of the assembled tiles. This will make a backing for the tiles.

Cut a 6-inch piece of wire for each ornament and fold in half in a loop, twisting the ends together. This will be the hanger for the ornament. Lay this wire in the center of the felt piece where you want it to hang, then glue the tiles onto the felt, with the twisted ends of the wire between the felt and a tile piece. I embellished the ornaments with small bells, beads, and ribbon. This can be done in any creative way desired.



“Super simple and so cute! It takes longer for the glue to dry than it does to make


By: Anita Stafford * See Original Post Here…


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