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Courtroom Decorum



I vividly remember a courtroom scenario that the Judge, the jury, and myself began laughing out loud.  The final arguments were being presented to the jury.  The prosecutor had finished, and the defense attorney had begun his final statements to the jury before deliberation.  Curious to me was a mousetrap sitting on defense counsel’s desk near the corner edge.  Props for closing arguments? That’s new, I thought to myself.  Defense counsel in his blue pinstriped suit began.

“Members of the jury, my client is charged with possession and delivery of cocaine to an undercover informant.”

Trying to address all jurors, he moved from one end of the jury box to the


humor 2 courtroom
All of a sudden, the judge was pounding the gavel, yelling, “Miss, put your clothes back on right now.”
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As she was not so inclined, two bailiffs quickly aided her.


Danger in the courtroom, why yes, there were such moments.  Public defenders were often called upon to represent indigent defendants charged with serious felonies.  In some cases their handcuffs remained on through their hearing.  Sitting next to each other at defense table, defense counsel was giving his reasons why the defendant should be released on bail.  The defendant raised his arms, wrapped  them around defense counsel’s neck, and pulled his cuff chains tight to his throat.  No problem, the bailiff immediately tazes the defendant, whereupon they both fell to the ground chairs and all.  Of course, the defendant was held without bail.


courtroom humor

I worked with great colleagues, felt the satisfaction of work well done, After thirty-three years, I am now enjoying retirement with good friends, hobbies and interests.  It is a different lifestyle, but a good one.


By Patricia “Golden Girl” Lynne


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