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Pink Feathers

Dance As Butterflies

Corinthians  2; 5-8 To be absent from the body, present with the Lord

Seems whenever I take a walk , butterflies dance near me

My Aunt passed almost six months ago. I think of her and butterflies

When my brother came over, and we walked our neighborhood, he spotted the butterflies . Made me smile.

‘That’s Aunt Dee. She loved butterflies, like I do to.’

Yes .   And, as I walk  alone ,  butterflies dance across the street ,bringing simple joy to my heart.

Our bodies sometimes are weak or sick and we find it challenging in the darkness

That comes with the heavy weight we carry

Then suddenly we move on , finding we can be butterflies now too

Our spirits are always uplifted, when we place God first

We are butterflies spinning grace

Knowing our true joy is in heaven

And moments now testing our wings

Is fulfilling because we can fly and

Dance as butterflies


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