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Doris & The Diet

Dieting Dilemmas


So, I go to Doris’ (a little local Italian Market) and buy these wonderful sub rolls, (6 for $1.99, and they are like half loaves so it’s a great deal). I bought two bags (12 in all) and opened one bag to make sandwiches and subs for the kids to take to work and lunch, etc.

That was Monday and so far a big hit and everyone saves money on lunch. The 2nd bag?

Yep. In my belly! With nothing more than fresh butter, garlic, oregano and mozzarella. You know the stretch pants are out and now we’re out of bread for next weeks lunches, which means another trip to Doris’.

(Did I mention their homemade pastries??!!)


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Mama Mia… please give me strength…!


By: Darlene ‘Screamin’ Pistocchi


#ASliceofLife #Diet #Humor #Rant

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