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Happy 26th Birthday Dac

the most beautiful blog ever…

My wonderful daughter. Today is your birthday.

I still remember the moments of your birth like it was

yesterday. The pain from natural childbirth was

forgotten the moment you were placed on my tummy

and i looked into your eyes.

You were so alert. Not crying, just looking around

like you were sizing up the world. I touched your

hand and you wound your finger around mine.

It was so wonderful to meet you.

You were healthy. 8 pounds 7 ounces. 21 inches

long. I started breastfeeding you and you took to it

like a pro. I was like a new mommy instead of a seasoned

mom of three. I unwrapped you

like a present and studied you from head to toe. That

was when i noticed you had two pale white marks on your

lower back.

What are those? I asked the Dr.

He told me birthmarks and although i…

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