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Those Messy Junk Drawers

Every true blue southern woman has a junk drawer located somewhere in their home cause we were raised right. Need a needle to sew something (check). Need a battery? (check) Need a flash light? a candle? a piece of string? (check, check, check.) It really is not out fault. This need to have a junk drawer spilled over from our Mothers.

“Honey, go look in that drawer and bring me…”

This drawer seemed to make things appear like magic. Always full and held everything you could find in a hardware store.

Today I was deep cleaning (another southern flaw) and I opened my junk drawer.

Hmmmm? I thought to myself. I am going to organize my junk drawer. WHAT!!! (This would be the Virgo in me) but we all know that you never organize a junk drawer.

As I started to pull things out of the drawer I was baffled. Why did I have three glass lids to jar candles in there? What possible use for keeping those? I continued my (dig). I should buy stock in batteries. There were many packs of those. I found birthday candles, pens, pencils, lighters, all kinds of note, paint sticks, cotton balls, ear buds, twine sewing needles. Honestly it was like the drawer had no bottom.

I began sorting through the stuff, debating whether to toss the lot but the southern side of me said, “Be sensible! You could save the world with that junk drawer.”

So, back into the drawer went the cotton balls, the twine, the pens etc. I even dropped the candle jar lids back in. I will use them someday.



Yes, the burgeoning drawer looked pretty much the same as I slid it closed. I could feel my southern Mama smiling down from heaven.



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