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Learning to Chill & Relax

I recently spent a weekend away with my little redhead (12-year-old son) at the coast. I promised myself before we even set off that I would try not to say NO to every suggestion/idea and that I would make an extra effort to really listen to him. Ever hopeful of the perfect Mum and Son bonding moments that would present themselves, we set off full of hope and promise. 


We had no sooner left the end of the road before I realised my conversation was, indeed, completely one-sided as little red had already plugged himself into some musical appliance and was tapping away oblivious to my ramblings. The only time he unplugged himself was to tell me he was hungry and would, in fact, pass out if we didn’t stop for food immediately!!!!!


With a loving Mother's smile plastered firmly in place, we stopped for food and refreshments and even managed not to disagree over the pile of junk that made up dinner. I think I was actually making him a little nervous as at one point he did turn round and tell me to “chill and relax."


Cutting a long story short, the weekend was a success. I remained chilled and relaxed (well, other than a few stand offs...) and we both agreed that time away together was well spent. I think he may have even called me "pretty cool" at one point…well, either that or he was asking to go to the pool, but I’m sticking with what I heard!


Anyways, just a reminder that sometimes you really do need to make the effort to take a step back and really just “chill and relax”... it will make you cool!!!!!

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Mar 09
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great story! Love it. :)

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