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A Day in the Life

Thoughts of an English Mum So….imagine If you will…I woke early to start the preparations for my Mums birthday dinner that very night. Food to be prepped, house to be cleaned, decorations to be get the picture.. It was going well..I was a little behind due to the expected interuptions of hungry children, uniform to be washed etc etc etc!!!!!
Standing at the sink prepping some food I felt the first drop….hmmmm must have splashed water from the sink….another drop followed by what can only be described as a monsoon of water which was cascading out over my feet from under the sink!!! I didn’t scream, I didn’t cry.. I calmly called my dear old Dad to have a look. Minutes later and the monsoon was still in full flow….plumbers called with pleading and begging resulted in a temporary fix which included several propped up pipes and many many buckets….
I cried a little at this point…it was necessary….
Food finally prepped and decorations hung I decided to put it behind me and take my shower so I could spend some time getting ready myself for once…got in the shower finally breathed a sigh of relief and then breathed a scream of extreme pain as the entire shower pole came crashing down on my head…I won’t repeat what words may have slipped from my lips at that moment but needless to say it was not pleasant….
Kids banging on door to get in……phone ringing……head spinning…….all the best laid plans were fading fast….
However…as us Mums manage to do every single day of our lives I pulled it altogether just in time…when the first guests arrived the propped up pipes were cleverly disguised along with the bump on my throbbing head.
Laughs were had and tears were shed and as I looked around the room at my Mum and all the special people there celebrating with us I realised it was worth all the pain and chaos. Us Mums can always pull it together at the last minute with what limited resources we have left and for that I’m not only proud but extremely grateful… now if you can just pass me another bucket and a bandaid I will be just fine…:)
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