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Christmas Flashback with Little Red…

Misadventures of Little Red/Winter Tales


So the holidays were approaching fast, and impatient to get the decorations and tree down from the attic I declined the invitation to wait until the family returned from a grocery trip and decided to just go it alone. Big mistake.

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house… nothing was stirring… well, nothing except for Little Red’s Mumma, who was perched precariously on the top of a ladder wedged in the attic opening.

The Christmas tree box was in full view but after several unsuccessful attempts to pull it through as it seemed unduly heavy I decided to give it one more huge tug before giving in…with all my might I pulled on the tattered (strangely heavy) box and was somewhat alarmed to say the least to feel it not only give but come hurtling towards me along with some other huge shape!!!!

Screaming  in what can only be described as a  completely curse ridden newly found language I went down that ladder like a woman possessed closely followed by the huge tree box along with……




My family arrived home at the precise time I managed to clear the entire staircase screaming at the top of my lungs whilst this (pictured above) tumbled down the stairs after me.

The moral of the story is this: remember where you hide those gigantic annoying toys your child wins at the fair before you venture into a dark, dusty scary loft.


P.S. I might have left the crazy 6′ stuffed frog in the garage for my partner to find later that night when putting his bike away…!!!! A girls gotta get her kicks somewhere…… ha!


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