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The Adventures of Little Red

Thoughts of an English Mum


So another phone call from Little Red’s school informing me that he seems to be having great difficulty in class due to the fact that he can’t stop talking, resulted in me solemnly promising to address the issue and the schools’ concerns.

Unfortunately, I decided to have ‘said conversation’ at the same time that I was having a little ‘clear out’ and left some of my old school reports lying around.


Little Red, being the little super sleuth that he is, seized the opportunity to do a bit of detective work of his own and consequently decided that he had to have a little talk to me!

The first of my reports opened with..

“If her pencil worked half as much as her mouth, she would no doubt be a genius….”

You get the picture… and so did Little Red. He silenced all my well-intended chastising chats with a big old grin and a parting comment of…

son yelling
“Look Mum, I’m just like you… doesn’t that just make you proud?”

Enough said by all – me thinks!


By: Debbie Murphy


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