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Shoe Smug

Thoughts of an English Mum


After a super, stress free, school supply, summer shopping trip I had with my son, I was feeling pretty smug. We both set off for work and school respectively on the first day of term full of misguided hope and harmony…(well, after the usual battles that morning time brings in the household)…

This obviously did not last too long as is pretty usual in the world of Debbie. Working away my phone rang. School was calling me…not good only two hours into the new school year!!


Maybe they were calling to say what a wonderful job I had done with the immaculate uniform and school supplies?

Or to congratulate me for setting such a good example?

Wishful, delusional thinking on my part.


They were, in fact, ringing to tell me that they had excluded Little Red (my son) because his shoes were not appropriate for school as they had tightened up the rules and only certain styles were now allowed….




What resulted from this phone call was an evening of what can only be described as the new Battle of Britain as we trudged from shop to shop after school looking desperately for ‘appropriate’ shoes that Little Red would actually lower himself to even try on.

Bribery, blackmail and a few, (well, a lot), of arguments ensued but eventually we emerged – worn, weary… but victorious with said shoes.


In the future, I will refrain from being smug…I promise. It always comes back.

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