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So Now You’re 62


I was sitting in a restaurant having breakfast with my daughter. I looked up at some art on the wall, noted I really liked it, and saw above it a big flat screen tv.


When I was a kid, and yes, that is sixty years ago – (ouch!  That hurt!) –  we didn’t own one TV.   As I got older, we had a black and white TV In a large wood cabinet, which also served as furniture.


Today most restaurants have several large flat screen TVs with captioning – (oops, What’s that you ask?  What is being said is shown across the bottom of the screen so you can multi-task with eating and conversing!)


When I was young, granted a million years ago, we had a button called “Volume” and we could even turn it high or low!


Today’s technology blows my sixty-four year old mind– a sixties’ saying BTW!


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