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Pink Feathers

My Valentine


My friends kidney failure A future death sentence Difficult words to hear a somber lonesome tear

Half shaved, long-haired Big beautiful green eyes Grabbed my lonely heart On that Valentine’s Day

What about that one, I queried Thinking we could be a match She gently put him in my arms He has a bucket load of charm

His paw taps gently on my face I’m sold in the first ten seconds Then began our two-some journey After I paid the feline shelter fee

Always greeting me at the door Sitting politely on all fours Waiting for me to pick him up My butterscotch boy of fluff

I don’t know who cares more Him for me or me for him Comforting my falling tears Calming my monster fears

Purring sweetly on my lap Snuggled up for timely nap His warm heart near to mine Mister certainly one of a kind

Loving him the best I can Food to support his kidneys Vet’s visits, pain medication A pet owner’s dedication

A day will come not far off When his spirit will live no more Except in my mind’s memory A joyful fury ball of energy.

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