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Need a Crafty Idea?

The Adventures of Mister


No this isn’t Mister, but it is a Halloween cat for you cat lovers to craft out of squash!

halloween ct

Photo Courtesy Patricia Lynne & Mister


House Cat

A gourd with a long, curved stem becomes a purr-fect cat body and tail. Use teeny white turnips for the mice.

Cat How-Tos

1. Attach pumpkin to gourd with a 1/2-inch wooden dowel (use a drill to make holes in each). 2. Cut two triangular gourds in half and attach to top of pumpkin with skewers as ears. 3. Etch eye and mouth shapes using a fruit and vegetable corer, and attach black pom-pom to eyeswith straight pins.

house cat paula hibble

4. Hot-glue strands of raffia under a black pom-pom for whiskers and nose. 5. Place two small gourds at front of body for paws. 6. To make the mice, peel and shape turnips into a egg shapes. Cut small triangle shapes from a separate turnip and pin on as ears.


Am I crafty or what??

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