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Pink Feathers

Once a year, even if I don’t need to . . .

That’s me in the bath. Shocking, says you. A woman, who hates the bath? You must be havin’ a laugh. But who has time for a long soak? There’s only so much you can do lying there in a puddle of warm bubbles. I can’t get my list of jobs done. I can’t get a novel written. I’d soak for Britain if I could do that at the same time.

“No electronics in the bath, Debra.”

That’s my husband. He thinks I’m joking about not liking a long soak. But it’s the feeling in my hands and feet when they go wrinkly I can’t stand. Well maybe I’d try if our bath was a bit more grand. And anyway, relaxing in the tub gets rid of the grime and the grub but I still get knocks on the door.

“Mummy?” And no one says, “Leave your mother alone.” I am expected to just ignore the pleas of my child as the little one says “Mummy?” in her angelic voice and my elder one says, “Mummy?” in her teenage baritone, “Have you seen my phone?”

No amount of bubbles in the ears as my head sinks beneath, will drown out the desperate need in me to answer and not say,

“Leave me in peace!”

And so it’s showers for me, if you must know, even though my training tells me, when you’re stressed a bath is actually the way to go.

~ Courtesy Debi Lewis ~


Debi is a Mum/Mom of two!  She was born and raised in a log cabin in the middle of the woods in Nova Scotia, Canada, but now raises her two girls in Scarborough, England. When she’s not writing she works for a mental health charity. She also practises karate and plays Minecraft with her kids and spends an inordinate amount of time working out how many calories she needs to burn so she can eat chocolate. You can visit her blog here:


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