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Prayers for Mister

Life is truly so short. We have lost many loved ones and family members this year, including our dear pets. We would like to send prayers of nothing but comfort and joy to our beloved Mister and his family. We want Patricia Lynne to know how grateful we are to continues to allow us to share her heartwarming photos and adventures of Mister. Here is her latest letter to us:


Starting the New Year with a sad diagnosis. My best friend and dear family member, Mister, is in kidney failure. He went to Vet for a foot issue, the Vet took blood, and announced the verdict up to six months on this green earth.

I have researched this thoroughly. One in three senior cats meet their demise from this.


Mister will be 14 on Valentine’s Day.

I guess the joy is that I have had him that long but hard to take it all in.


I know I am not the first pet owner going through similar circumstances, but to say my heart is breaking is an understatement.

We will do what we can to keep him comfortable such as hydration once a week, special food for kidney care, pain killer when needed and glucosamine which I would recommend because it helps mobility a great deal.


Mister taking a nap. 🙂

silent night

Hugs and prayers for precious Mister. ❤


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