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Spring Time Fun for the Kids

Education One

Anytime is the perfect time for fun activities with the kids that will help them read, write and learn, but adding a theme is even better. Kids will have lots of fun hunting for words while they reinforce their spelling, vocabulary and word recognition skills using some of these spring themed activities. Check out these fun worksheets from! . . . pre-school through 5th grade. . .

word search

Even more fun learning resources are just a click away at! Choose from learning games, reading selections, lesson plans for homeschoolers and teachers and a variety of printable worksheets including:

  1. Mazes

  2. Word searches

  3. Word searches with images

  4. Crossword puzzles

  5. Word scrambles

  6. Addition

  7. Subtraction

  8. Division

  9. Multiplication

  10. Spelling Tests

  11. Matching words to images

  12. Word Tracers


Also, be sure to follow this learning resource @education_com on Pinterest and Twitter.


Happy Spring!!!




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