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Pink Feathers

The Happy Dance



I was standing in the kitchen this morning washing dishes (alas, no dishwasher) when a song started playing on the radio. It was a disco tune from the seventies and before I knew it I was gyrating all other the kitchen with my soapy hands in the air. Of course this brought my granddaughter Kota running into the kitchen to see what all the excitement was about.

For a moment she looked concerned. Had Granny finally went off the deep end?

Then she saw my smile.

I grabbed her small hands into mine and gave her a spin.

“What are we doing, Granny?” She asked smiling. “We are doing the happy dance.” I replied.

Music wakes something inside of us. It evokes memories. It may be a melody that reminds you of someone you once loved. It might be a sweet refrain that brings tears to your eyes. It might be something classical that touches your soul. It might be simply lyrics that need no words. It might be a country beat that sends your heels tapping. It might be some metal or rap that gets your blood pumping. It might be a rock song or the blues.

Music is powerful. It has the ability to make us feel young again. It stirs the spirit and emotions.

As I gave my granddaughter another spin, I was not a woman of 52 years wearing sweat pants – I was a young woman wearing bell bottoms, a peasant blouse and chunky heels.



I had disco fever and it felt groovy.

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