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Pink Feathers

The Princess & The Dragon

Fairy Tales


Once upon a time there seemed to be a Prince charming and romantic a gentle touch and tender kiss…

Until his Lady found out this was not the case at all but the Prince instead of greatness had been taking a great fall!

What woe this brought the maiden as they had a lad and lass Now what was she to do On her own, how would she last?

She prayed and turned to God for true guidance from above and little did she know Our great Father showed his Love

He blessed her and her children Kept them safe and blessed their home Gave her strength to carry on even if she were alone

He stayed by their side and unlike the falsely Prince He kept his light aflame loving them with all His might

And so the lad and lass grew up and made their Mama proud But God knew in her heart She still longed for her true love

And so till this day she prays The Prince will let the dragon out and back to her he’ll come to be her shining Prince one day.


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