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Where’s the confounded brush?

So I catch my darling daughter using my brush yesterday. I tell her to be sure to put it back in my room. We've had this discussion many times as she tends to "lose" things, "misplace" things or leave things at a friends' house. (And I thought I was bad!) Here is our brief discussion:

Me: "Raquel, why are you using my brush?"

Raquel: "I left mine at Sara's." (my first clue)

Me: "Well, please make sure you put my brush back in my room."

Raquel: "I know Mom, don't worry. I'll be sure to put it back in your room."

Me: "Okay."

So, I go to brush my hair this morning.... AND IT'S NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!!!!! We've had no real shampoo in the house for weeks now, so I've had to use bar soap to wash my hair. It's completely unmanageable without my brush!!!! So now I have to go shopping - looking like this!!!

Confounded Brush

I'm going to CLOBBER her!!!

- Darlene "Screamin" Pistocchi

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