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You Never Know

Life is so full of uncertainty and possibilities that you can never be sure of what is going to happen next. You can prepare and pray to the best of your ability, but you can never know for sure what adventure awaits you. Here are a few situations that fall under the category of you never know.

A new opportunity

I have a sign on my desk that says, “Always imagine that your next adventure is about to happen.” When you think that way, it feels as if every day is a gift, and the possibilities inside are endless. New doors open all the time when we least expect it. It helps to be open to the possibility of allowing change to enter your life.

When your words matter

Words are so powerful, and you never know when yours will make a difference. I always start my day with the same prayer that I will lift people up and not tear them down. You never know when simple words you offer someone might be exactly what she needs.

How kindness can make a difference

Everyone struggles with something in life, so kindness is always needed. I do my best to respond to hatefulness with kindness, but I admit that I have a limit where the ugly side of me comes out.

When transparency can save someone

So many people are afraid of being judged, but if we are honest about our junk, it can give relief to someone who is struggling.

What positivity can do

Positivity is a game changer, and you don’t have anything to lose by using it. It can change the outcome of a situation and make you feel better.

When new friends will enter

Wonderful people can come into your life at any moment, so be ready to receive them.

When a good attitude is needed

I had some health issues this year. I had an afib incident which meant I had every heart test in the book but did not find any answers. I also tore my meniscus which was rough for an avid runner, but I decided I was going to have a good attitude and it made a huge difference.

So, prepare yourself for a new year because you never know!

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