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Are You Too Busy?

I have a feeling most people answered this question immediately with a yes. Most of us lead hectic lives as we fulfill the many responsibilities in life. We want to do our jobs well, we need to create strong relationships with friends and family, and we should find time for self-care.

We are all busy, but are you too busy? Are relationships and your health suffering? Are you unhappy and overwhelmed? Is work interfering with home? If you said yes to these questions then you are too busy. Let me tell you why you should make changes, and then suggest how you can change the chaos.

If you are not taking care of yourself, everything else will suffer. Too much stress will eventually take a toll on your body, and if you are ill, you cannot be there for anyone else.

Your family and friends need you and you need them. When I retired I realized how much my family needed me to be there, but instead, I was working late, on a trip, or exhausted from working too hard. One of the things that still hurts my heart is that I baked so many items for my students that my children would ask, “Is this for us?” before they became excited about what I made. Now, my husband comes out of his office and wants to share what he is doing, and my youngest wants help with her college work. I babysit for my grandson and my daughter calls every day to tell me about her day. I had a chance to go back to work, and when I asked my family if I should, they answered with a fast no.

You miss things when you are moving too fast. When your mind is consumed with all the responsibilities you have to complete you aren’t listening well, and you won’t see some of the critical moments around you.

You aren’t as productive when you are too busy. It’s like a hamster spinning on a wheel. You are moving fast, but you aren’t accomplishing as much as you can.

Here are a few ideas to help you control the chaos.

Make a to-do list and prioritize what you need to do. Do mission-critical first.

Set boundaries. As much as possible leave work at the office and prioritize time for family and friends.

  • Take care of your health both mental and physical.

  • Ask for help and learn how to delegate.

  • Take some time to do something mindless and fun. You need time to recharge.

  • Slow down a little and see the difference it can make in the quality of your life.

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