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Therapy Without The Therapist

Do you ever feel slightly off, and tired mentally, physically, and emotionally? It could be from stress, being overwhelmed, or from people interaction. It’s a feeling of needing a break and a chance to recharge. Many people spend a lot of money to have someone untangle their issues, but what if we could find our therapy in other ways? Here are a few ideas to find some calm.

Grow plants

I am not a master gardener, but taking care of my garden brings me instant calm. When I walk through my garden gate I can feel a sense of calm wash over me. Taking care of living things makes you feel good. You can talk to the plants, tell them what weather to expect, and offer words of encouragement. I sing in the garden while I am weeding and harvesting. Plants are fascinating and fun to watch, plus growing your own food helps with the grocery bill too.

Play with animals

Animals will listen to you without arguing or passing judgment. Animals will show you affection and make you feel as if you are the most special person in the world. If you don’t want to commit to owning your own, volunteer at a shelter, or play with a friend’s animals. The laughter a pet can cause will always make you feel better. My dog is a goofball, and he makes me laugh all day.

Listen to music

Make a playlist of your favorite songs. Music is powerful. It can help to recharge you, motivate you, or calm you down.


A good book can be an escape into a different world. You can forget your troubles and unwind with a fascinating plot.


Express your feelings by writing them down. You don’t have to share them, but sometimes just releasing your thoughts and feelings helps.


Movement is a way to release anger or stress and find peace. I use running to find calm. If I’m angry or agitated a good run helps me to release the strong emotions.

Seek quiet

The best way to recharge is to find a quiet spot to relax and be quiet.


Sleep is a great escape and something we need to come back stronger.

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